Consulting to the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

Terry McLean

Since 2010 Terry has worked with Dramatic Change on a range of Single Patient Focus® projects, predominantly in the oncology and transplant arenas.  He is a multilingual facilitator, training in English, French, Spanish, Italian.  He can also speak German and Portuguese and has a basic knowledge of Russian and Chinese.

Terry is a certified NLP Master practitioner and also holds an MSc in Linguistics & Phonetics, MA in Teaching French as a Foreign Language, BA in French and Political Science and RSA TEFL Diploma.

In the training room Terry gains most satisfaction from seeing confidence and charisma blossom in people’s performances and in areas where they least expected it.  Passionate about language, communication and human relationships,  his strength lies in his ability to relate to, bring together and motivate individuals, groups and teams from different backgrounds and nationalities.

Terry lives in Spain.