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Sequential Selling Villages


A well-constructed selling village, where salespeople role-play multiple calls over a 1-2 day event, is an effective way to embed and enhance selling skills and strategic nous.

We routinely assist our clients in creating effective and motivating selling village experiences, whether these deploy internal medical personnel, actual medical professionals or properly briefed actors as customers. Whilst making the right choice for your team means balancing a range of factors to be balanced, Dramatic Change is adept at advising, planning and executing these events.

It is our firm belief that the most effective design of a selling village is to create a sequential narrative; simulating 3-4 calls on the same customer (or team) over a period of time. This allows the participating salesperson to plan several steps ahead, but also gives an opportunity to recover from a in-call setback at a follow-up visit. Additionally, this approach can be used to highlight the need for a considered integration of remote/ virtual selling alongside the traditional face-to-face approach.

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